Welcoming Diatomists Sherry!
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Welcoming Diatomists Sherry!

Jul 03, 2024

Welcoming Diatomists Sherry!
Now in stock & August tasting with Antonio!
With summer maybe showing it’s face… we are delighted to have these beauties arrive this week!
I first met with Antonio on a chance encounter whilst lunching at the Beckford Bottle shop in Bath, he very kindly gifted me a bottle of the Amontillado. Last week i came across a bottle of the Manzanilla. Me & Jo made short work of it one afternoon..
I realised at that point these are exactly the kind of Sherry wines we should be pedaling here, so this week we should see the arrivals of the range!

About the Diatomists!


“Diatomist is the name given to those who master the art of diatom arrangement. Diatoms are single cell algae that create complex glass shells around themselves. 5 million years ago Jerez was under water which explains the unique and exceptional soil rich in diatom fossils.

These hidden microscopic marvels are essential for the vines to thrive in a hot climate with dry summers and sporadic heavy rainfall. The soils’ porosity locks in the moisture providing essential water reserves for the vines to thrive during the long and sunny growing-season. In fact, the quality of the soil can be quantified by its diatoms.”



Founded by three friends - Antonio from Jerez, George from Oxford, and Tommy from Barcelona - who share a passion for wine produced in the Appellation of Jerez and have over 20 years combined experience in the wine trade, the Diatomists team explore every corner of this southernmost point of Andalucia in search of winemakers committed to excellence.

Jerez was one of the first wine growing regions in Spain to distinguish their wines through the provenance of the grapes. However, in the second half of the 20th century all the focus went to the bodega and the solera system, with local enologists claiming that the identity of the soil and grapes became unrecognisable following maturation in bota (barrel). Today things are changing, a new wave of winemakers are determined to put the soil and the fruit back in the spotlight, producing wine that clearly reflects the vines’ terroir alongside the solera in which it matured: wine that proves that whilst quality and consistency are achieved through the bodega, excellence is in the soil.

Diatomists love fresh, floral and fruit driven wine. All biologically aged wine can be traced back to the soil where the grapes were grown. The barrel-aged range is made up of carefully selected botas chosen for their freshness in harmony with oxidative flavours. The goal is to select, ship and share fresh white wine with abundant fruit, complimented either by the flor, in the case of biologically aged wines, or the bota, in The barrel-aged range. 

The solera system put the region on the map, we are here to prove that unique exceptional soil produces unique exceptional wine.




100% Palomino and aged for 5 years in bota, this is an invigorating white wine with a subtle, floral, mineral nose. Great intensity with sea breeze salinity running through an impressive structure, there is tension on the palate. The yeasty, baked bread flavours are in balance with apricots and golden apples. In the mouth the texture is silky and round, with an extremely long and clean finish.

£15 per bottle


Bright golden amber in colour, the nose is intense recalling dried apricots and toast from the wine’s tender years under flor. Aged 12 years and 100% Palomino, the palate is structured, bright and energetic with layers of flavours including walnuts and salted caramel, without sweetness. The finish is long and complex with tobacco at the end.

£20 per bottle


Deep amber in colour with an orange rim, pronounced aromas of walnuts, marmalade and sultanas leap from the glass. Made from 90% Oloroso (Palomino) and 10% Pedro Ximénez with 5 years together in bota, the sweet and savoury blend is in perfect harmony. A zinging bitter orange freshness is replaced by fried corn and biscuit on the finish. The texture is velvety, but not overly rich. Beautifully layered with apricots, walnuts and a ringing finish that is tangy and fresh.

£20 per Bottle


Brilliant mahogany lights up the glass and prepares you for an alluring toasted hazelnut aroma. Made from 100% Palomino aged for 12 years in bota, this is a very silky and fine Oloroso with a luscious feel in the mouth. Orange peel gives a pronounced freshness to complement a backbone of brooding, nutty flavours. On the end the solera comes to the fore leaving a vanilla and cigar box finish which is persistent and long.

£20 per bottle

Pedro Ximenez

Medium maroon with an amber edge, the nose is packed with figs, dark chocolate, roasted coffee and cigar box aromas. Very smooth and balanced on the palate without cloying sweetness, this is an elegant PX aged for 5 years in bota and made from 100% Pedro Ximenez. Extremely concentrated and nuanced, an ethereal wine with invigorating acidity. The finish is endless with a hint of nutmeg and cloves.

£20 per bottle

All of these are in stock now!

If you fancy a mixed case of all of them or any individual bottles give us a shout or pop by!

10% off a mixed case offer



Sherry Masterclass with Antonio Morenés

Thursday 29th August 7pm - £20pp

We are lucky enough to have the co-founder and leader of the sherry revolution, Antonio, joining us for a Sherry Masterclass!

On the night Antonio will take us through all of the Sherries, paired with a board of nuts, olives and charcuterie and hopefully some sunshine too!


If you fancy joining us for the evening, and we really hope you do!

Give us a shout on 01873 856565 to book your tickets for what promises to be a brilliant tasting!


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