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Maxime Magnon

Mar 14, 2024

Maxime Magnon : Corbiéres, but not as you know it.. yet.

Maxime Magnon, a reluctant hero. Quiet & unassuming, unlike his wines. Once tasted, never forgotten, Certainly the case for me!

 Originally from Burgundy, Maxime has decided to make his wine in the Corbières A.O.C. instead. A region not famed for expressive terroir focused wines, I feel the Burgundian in him shows in the wines, which all express light of touch and finesse.

This part of France is littered with prime parcels of old vines & in the right hands there is serious potential to make great wines, Maxime for me is at the pinnacle of this movement for me. He still rents his cellar,a true garagiste if ever there was one.

He farms nine parcels over eleven hectares, with steep vineyards that reach high altitudes, and manages it all on his own. Of course, he cultivates his vines with the utmost respect for nature and the soil. He’s certified organic, but also incorporates biodynamic practices into his vineyard management. He is a naturalist at heart, and seeks to create a harmonious ecosystem in his vineyards, with mentors of great stock like Didier Barral (in Faugères), and Jean Foillard (under whom he studied in Morgon).

Most of Maxime’s vineyard land is comprised of schist and limestone subsoils in the sub-appellation Hautes Corbières, bordering Fitou to the South. This is incredibly tough terrain to farm in, as there is virtually no topsoil, just pure rock and garrigue.

All wines are aged in second-hand, Burgundian barrels & they wines offer great expression of fruit with immediate drinkability, we adore them!

The wines

La Begou 2022

The round, soft texture is as seductive as it’s long, lemony finish. Grenache Blanc & Grenache Gris from old vines at altitude, this is very very good, all we need now is some sunshine and we will have this on tap!

£44 per bottle

Matisse 2022

This is a Rosé, but forget the provencál style of wine, this is all free run juice from the first press, more akin to a light red, this is bottled joy! Textured and weighty with a lovely freshness, Once you get to know the wines of Maxime you will defo have this on hand to open all occasions.

£32 per bottle

St Jacques 2022

This is a lovely playful little Vin De France, Mourvèdre, Grenache, and Carignan from a plot of vines he had been coveting for some time, not too far from the sea. this one is soulful, sunny, and full of energy. It’s feels mischievous to drink as it goes down to fast!

£28 per bottle

Rozeta 2022

Another wine that slipped down far to easy in Montpellier! If you can even call it wine.. it could be mistaken for an elixr of the’ll need more than one bottle we promise you.. A magic potion of Grenache, Cinsault & Mouvedre.

£40 Per Bottle

All of the wines are in stock now and available, 10% off cases of 6 or more, feel free to mix your case :)

Give us a shout on 01873 856565 or drop us a line you would like any of these incredible wines!


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